Wandering Soul


This is a film about a musician whose lyrics have left their mark on the Greek alternative rock scene.

Yannis Aggelakas set off  on his musical journey in the 1980s and his poetry remains fresh to this day. The film follows his daily life and touches a number of issues through the artist's eyes, the political dead-end Greece is facing, the way that television shapes our reality. An escape from the urban centres is being sought after in the beloved lands that we have abandoned.

In the two years of filming, we follow him in his meetings with his fellow musicians and the evolution of their musical journeys through a wandering in the sounds of childhood, rebetiko, the polyphonic music of Epirus and the Cretan melodies. "Inside me, the blowing wind will not seize, sweeping my heart, scattering my soul".

Directed by: Angeliki Aristomenopoulou