World Music


We have chosen the trend exhibited by contemporary music al reality as our field of study, which is inspired and based on musical genres and artists outside the mainstream of the pop music industry. If, in its initial form, "world music" represented an alternative culture which wanted to express its opposition to the increasing commercialism of the international pop scene, today it is what creates tomorrow's pop scene. It is a sound that incorporates traditional elements and combines them with contemporary musical trends, from rock to hip hop, producing a new musical perception which is constantly increasing its influence on the whole music industry from Cuba to India and from Greece to the USA.

This "new" sound is the soundtrack of the millennium. Through our documentaries we are witnessing the...seepage of "world music". The more it penetrates other musical trends, the more it loses its identity, but at the same time changes music. "World music" was the only real musical revolution after the explosion of punk. It was the answer of the west's post '60s generation to the defeat of rock: it suggested a new way to listen to music, beyond borders, eras and commercial labels. That is, to take what is happening on the rest of planet seriously, and not to satisfy our desire for the "exotic". The new reality that has shaped western societies is the great wave of immigration of the '90s.