The Sufi Path


The lights are dimmed. The men, women and teenagers gathered in the large living room close their eyes and rock back and forth to the beat of live music. As the tambourine and drums beat louder and faster, some members of the group climb to their feet. They begin to swirl slowly in circles and raise their hands to the ceiling. A few fall into trances. "You can somehow touch relaxation," says 22-year-old Mahsa, who believes that music and dance can provide a direct route to Allah. "It's a very special sensation, and you think your soul is flying, that somehow you're not in your body."

The Sufi Path is a 3 part series of documentaries which trace Sufism to its origins and follows its path throughout the Muslim and later in the western world. This series explore Sufism from traditional to contemporary approach in different parts of the world through Sufi gatherings and interviews with the well-known Sufi leaders as well as ordinary people in order to establish a deeper understanding. The Sufi Path examines the extraordinary diversity between mystical Islam and Orthodox Islam. It also studies its gaining in popularity in the Western countries and America which is worryingly absent from media coverage. The Sufi Path documentary series shed lights to one of the oldest spiritual path of mankind and the world's most controversial religion.