Dream Gang


"Dream Gang" is the tragicomical story of three treasure hunters who live in a village located on the slopes of Kure Mountains in Turkey. Our heroes, Arif (67), Mehmet(56), Refik(48) have been searching for a treasure for more than twenty years, which they think is hidden somewhere in the mountains.

Led by Master Arif's enchanted treasure detector consisting of two deer horns, including technical wizard Mehmet and Refik the Digger, this likeable gang is an ideal team complementing each other. 

During the excavations, which are accompanied by strange rituals, our heroes' main inspiration are the verses that Master Arif has written himself in his diaries, which he claims are being whispered to him by a divine power: at times they are about Karun Treasuries, at times about Noah's Ark and sometimes even about the tomb of mankind's mother "Eve".

Not finding a single thing over the years, being labeled as lunatics by neighbors and getting into trouble with law never deters this "Dream Gang" from keeping up their hopes.